Friday, August 29, 2008

Um. Wow. my old shs hotmail account, I find an email today that shocked me.

To Sum up:



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The New Season Begins

Words can't express my excitement for what's coming up this year...I've been so itchy for the school year to start so we can dive headfirst into this Romeo and Juliet thing... So the big news here is that the audition sign up sheet will be up as of 8/28, outside of the auditorium. There is also a monologue sheet at the same location--this year I've chosen the monologues I would prefer to hear (instead of having to figure out what you're saying when you do a monologue I'm not familiar with). They will also be posted on the website for your perusal.

Also coming up next week is the first ITS meeting of the year (9/2 - 7pm) and the audition workshop (9/3 7-8:30pm) Encourage your friends to attend the audition workshop if they are at all interested in trying out!