Friday, December 12, 2008

A Prank... and a Distraction

I got up in front of the choir this morning and said, "I'll bet I can say two words that will make half the people in this room go crazy."

They scoffed. They laughed. Then I held up a piece of paper.

"Cast list."

I saw amazing facial transformations. Within seconds, people went from shock to disbelief to delight and jumping-over-chairs-to-get-to-the-front-of-the-room joy that any director would have been proud of.

The next thing I heard was, "[Insert expletive here] you Laura!" when someone discovered the "list" was actually my AP Human Geography notes. I think this is one of the best jokes I've ever played, aside from the fact that I got a hand-slapping.

In other, non-Les Mis-related news to keep our minds off what we all want to know act night! I'm excited. I really can't wait to see how a student-written and directed show works out and what the audience thinks. Methinks some auditions are in order soon. I know...auditions...don't bring that word up.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Will Jenkins is a Woman

Ok, so who hacked into the cast list and made Jenkins Fantine? Amusing, yes. Or perhaps Heather is just having fun with us.

The Waiting Game

Auditions for the musical Les Mis just happened...and now, judging by Facebook statuses, everyone is waiting, waiting, waiting for the cast list.

*holds breath*

I am very very excited to put on this show!

Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Chris again! Coming to you rather early....

Last night we saw a rather interesting version of Hamlet (only done in 15 minutes!), which most of us seemed to enjoy (it was kind of hilarious), as well as some individual events being judged for going to Nebraska (hooray Nationals), and it sure seems like there's a heck load of talent around here.  The hosting school even performed Pippin, with which it's catchy tunes and in your face attitude, had most of singing and dancing away (well, constantly singing the same songs anyway :P).  After this we went and danced and intermingled, meeting up with new people all over PA, and finally just managed to get back to the hotel to get a good night's sleep before our show: tonight, we're going to show them how it's really done :D

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hiya folks! It's chris, coming in from good ol' Butler, PA

4 hour bus ride, a little bit of snow, and 1 inter-bus Queen music contest, and we're here.  At the current time, we're waiting for 1 costume lady (5 minutes late) and nice big truck full of luggage (30 minutes late).  Most of us seem to be getting comfortable with where we're staying for the next 3 days, moseying the halls, and grabbing a bite to eat.

At about 3:30 PM we're loading up again, and finally heading over to the high school to check out Pippin! Should be a good performance, and most of us seem very excited to actually be here to put on one of the greatest shows Susquehannock has done yet!  Wish us luck (or broken legs :P)