Monday, September 27, 2010


So this weekend was pretty hectic. I had a ton of stuff to get done. And on top of that, I "had" to read Our Town before the first rehearsal. Only it wasn't a chore at all. It's a really beautiful play. It was easy to read. I ended up reading it twice (but maybe I appreciated it more having seen it, also).

I mean, it's easy to see. The play isn't just Grover's Corners. It's everywhere and everyone. It has such an amazing and diverse message that is applicable to just about any town or person.

And now, after the first readthrough... we all shuffled in and sat and some medieval looking set of tables, read through our scripts, fumbled through our lines, figured out missing ones, but we came out on top of T-Wild's masterpiece. And I am nothing but hopeful and eager.

Also, shout out to the .5 people reading this blog. That oughta be changed.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cast List!

So...double cast? I don't think anyone was expecting this. But I have the highest of hopes for this show. Our Town is a show that almost REQUIRES the bonding of a cast to the point where we almost believe we're living in Grover's Corners (well, we should anyway, right?). So I think that, throughout the next two months, we'll be able to come together and form an extremely strong familial bond.

And six shows? This is going to be quite the experience. As I said in my last blog, dear reader, I think that this marks the sign of a new beginning for Susquehannock Theatre. Only a few actors remain that were here during my freshman year. The old legends are dead and gone. Er, just gone. So it's time to create a new "era". Ours!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Call backs?!

This is a first! Let me go off on a little story (even though: A, no one is reading this blog, and B, I didn't get a callback for George). I was just talking to the fabulous Heather Jenkins the other night after my audition and was just, you know, shooting the POOP with her. I asked her, "H-Jenkins, do you think there'll EVER be callbacks?"

"Will doesn't really believe in them," she said.

So, dear reader, you can just imagine my face when I hear there are callbacks for George and Emily! This has never happened in my theatre career at SHS thus far (though it may have happened for some of you veterans out there). But I think this is a great sign. A new year has many new things about it. Otherwise, it wouldn't be new. So I'd say this is quite the interesting fortune for the year as a whole: full of new beginnings.

Best of luck to all y'all trying out for Georg and Em!