Sunday, September 28, 2008

Two challenges

1) Playing a comic character in a Shakespearian show (with no Shakespearian experience).

2) Going from a woman to a man. Without testosterone injections.

This should be fun.


I just want to be the first cast member on the blog to publically announce that I am super excited for our whole theatre season.

And now...
For all of you who missed the theatre workshop on Saturday, you missed a really awesome, informative, and fun time. Get to the next one.

And that is all I have to say.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Theatre Workshop-9/27

Just to remind everyone that we will be hosting theatre workshops this year on a bi-weekly basis. The workshops are open to anyone that wants to come and I will be getting some special (and sort of special) guests to come in and give you some great tips regarding theatre stuff you probably never knew existed!

This week, on Saturday the 27th, from 9-11am in the auditorium the workshop will be about theatrical movement and will be taught by my good friend and former assistant director, Chris Maxwell, who will be coming down from Pittsburgh just for this. Chris is a graduate of Pitt, and has many theatre credits in the Pittsburgh area (and he's been in commercials too!)

The R&J Report-Episode 1

I realize that I have been pretty lax in my blogging regarding R&J, so this'll be a little something to make up for it.

We're already one week into the rehearsal process, and we've had a whole week of really great read throughs, including one held outside, where Mia attempted to use a tree as her balcony (alas, she didn't have enough light to read her script up there). This week will be a character building week, as Chris and I meet with some of the actors to guide them through thinking about their character so they can make stronger choices in their acting. The week will end with the final read through (full cast), just so we can go over the script one more time and let the cast know what they will be doing once we start blocking next week (yay!). Then of course will come fight choreography and the big masquerade scene, and before you know it--show week!

Now, to turn some attention to the set design side of things, here's Joe's finished set design for the play. This set will be the backdrop for most of the scenes in the show, and will be built in such a way as to be set up and torn down in less than 2 hours, and will fit in the back of a U-haul! (The crazy stuff we do just to take our little show to the ITS festival).