Friday, April 24, 2009

HELP.......PLEASE.......NEED PICTS.....

ok, here's the scoop for those few of us who read this.....there is only one show up until now that I had no pictures of the finished set pieces and that show starts with a "W" and ends with an "OZ" you can add Les Mis to that of all shows...........I am begging any one out there who has photos of any parts of finished set pieces, being used or not, or if Mom and Dad or Aunt and Uncle or whatever......Please, e-mail them to me @ or let me know and I will bring a DVD or CD to the school to get copies of your picts.....I waited to find picts from the other show so long that I will never have them, so I am trying to get this asap so It is still fresh in our minds......thanks to any help out there.......pass this along to those who don't get on here....EVER!!!!!!!!!! Thanks


Monday, April 20, 2009

Over, but not soon forgotten.......

Hello all, I just wanted to take a (very tired) minite to thank all of you....first of all, the rest of the production staff for trusting me and the crew to get the job done, even though this ended up being bigger than I could ever imagine, it turned out to be the best show I have ever built with the crew or participated in; To the cast, also thanks for trusting me and the crew, I know it makes it harder for you to not have a full set right off the bat to rehearse on, especialy one that came as close as this one, but you guys always amaze me with what you accomplish; and finnally to my second family....the Crew, Pam, Natalie, Jamie and all the other costumers, you guys are truly amazing and your costumes help to bring our sets My best friend Chris P., you fight with me like my wife does, but that comes with 20 years of friendship and you are the one friend that has always stuck by me and I am proud of what we accomplish together and You are great at what you do and I am proud to call you my brother, and finally to my Crew......what can I say, Seniors, we laughed, we faught, we cried, but it was a great ride and I thank you and your parents for sharing the last 4 years with me, being a Dad myself, I know what it is like to watch you grow and become adults and it makes me cry, but in a wonderful way, I couldn't be any prouder and now that you are leaving us, please remember all that I (hopefully) taught you and know that we are always here for you. To my graduated crew who come back year after year, thanks for making me feel like I am doing something right and that I am making a posative impact on you, even after you guys leave Susky, I still enjoy eatching you grow and I enjoy your company more with all the passing time, we are equals, we are friends. To all my crew, thanks for the best 7 years (and hopefully more to come) of support and friendship and hard work and thanks to your parents for sharing you, I know that during the theater season (I figured it out this morning) we put in over 250 hours each for plays (or 3,750 total man hours) and over 350 hours each for Musicals (or 7,000 total man hours). To my family, thanks for sharing Daddy with the kids at Susky and at York High and letting Daddy do one thing he loves and remember, he does it for you girls!! To everyone else, thanks you for all the kind words and support along the way! For those who still think it wasn't real (especially since the set is already torn down), yes we really did just pull off probably one of the most successfull versions of Les Mis done at the High School Level.....not far from Broadway :) I Love you All!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


So, uh, we kind of rocked last night.