Saturday, October 16, 2010

Theatre Season!

Everything is awesome! There are so many shows playing everywhere. Having already decided that I'd like to major in acting, my mom and I (note: my mom is making all these decisions, naturally) have been basically traveling from theatre to theatre seeing all kinds of shows.

Last week, we saw Henry VIII at the Folger Shakespeare Library. SO GOOD. If I actually knew was the heck was going on half of the time, I'd love to do Shakespeare.

This weekend, we're seeing Beauty and the Beast (!!!) in Carlisle. With Logan. It's a community theatre production, but I've never actually seen the musical version of it. Only the movie. I'm excited to see all their dancing spoons.

And I was going to go see Oleanna at GW tonight but I was too tired. So we saw the Social Network instead. Speaking of acting...

ANDREW GARFIELD. So good. Jeeeebus. If there's anyone that gives me faith in going into acting, it's him. Between Boy A, Never Let Me Go, and TSN, he has given perfect performances in just about everything he's done.

Anyway, back to memorizing these monologues.

Monday, October 4, 2010

What's ahead...

So, I've started writing the October Fun Night skit. It's weird, knowing that it'll actually be done and thought out in advance. A whole three weeks prior to the actual night of fun itself. And I think my skit idea is doubling as my one act idea. But the big reveal can't come just yet...oh wait, no one is reading this.

Next to Normal.

is amazing. Seriously, I didn't even see the original cast (save for Henry and Dr. Madden) and it was incredible. Such good music, writing, directing, staging, lighting, acting, etc...

Monday, September 27, 2010


So this weekend was pretty hectic. I had a ton of stuff to get done. And on top of that, I "had" to read Our Town before the first rehearsal. Only it wasn't a chore at all. It's a really beautiful play. It was easy to read. I ended up reading it twice (but maybe I appreciated it more having seen it, also).

I mean, it's easy to see. The play isn't just Grover's Corners. It's everywhere and everyone. It has such an amazing and diverse message that is applicable to just about any town or person.

And now, after the first readthrough... we all shuffled in and sat and some medieval looking set of tables, read through our scripts, fumbled through our lines, figured out missing ones, but we came out on top of T-Wild's masterpiece. And I am nothing but hopeful and eager.

Also, shout out to the .5 people reading this blog. That oughta be changed.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cast List!

So...double cast? I don't think anyone was expecting this. But I have the highest of hopes for this show. Our Town is a show that almost REQUIRES the bonding of a cast to the point where we almost believe we're living in Grover's Corners (well, we should anyway, right?). So I think that, throughout the next two months, we'll be able to come together and form an extremely strong familial bond.

And six shows? This is going to be quite the experience. As I said in my last blog, dear reader, I think that this marks the sign of a new beginning for Susquehannock Theatre. Only a few actors remain that were here during my freshman year. The old legends are dead and gone. Er, just gone. So it's time to create a new "era". Ours!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Call backs?!

This is a first! Let me go off on a little story (even though: A, no one is reading this blog, and B, I didn't get a callback for George). I was just talking to the fabulous Heather Jenkins the other night after my audition and was just, you know, shooting the POOP with her. I asked her, "H-Jenkins, do you think there'll EVER be callbacks?"

"Will doesn't really believe in them," she said.

So, dear reader, you can just imagine my face when I hear there are callbacks for George and Emily! This has never happened in my theatre career at SHS thus far (though it may have happened for some of you veterans out there). But I think this is a great sign. A new year has many new things about it. Otherwise, it wouldn't be new. So I'd say this is quite the interesting fortune for the year as a whole: full of new beginnings.

Best of luck to all y'all trying out for Georg and Em!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Wizard Of Oz benefitting the York Cancer Society

So this is an invitation to any of you who would like to see a GREAT show this weekend. The Acts of Kindness Theatre is presenting The Wizard of Oz and this is the last weekend. I have been the TD this season and some of our very own crew have helped and are also on running crew for the show. The proceeds go to the York Cancer Society and the Adams Area Arts Council....Great causes :) Tonight and Saturday night the show starts at 7 PM and Sunday at 2 PM. Tickets are $12 and $14 in advance or add $2.00 at the door. We had the biggest opening night they have ever had last weekend! I know Will has a show this weekend as well....but there is 3 chances to see this great production...especially one that Myself and our crew built...I said it before and I mean it this time....I will never build this show again....Great show....just bad luck for me :) Hope to see you all there!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

From Beyond the Grave

Sooo here I am. Late at night. Trying to figure out the name of that high school whose youtube vidoes of Les Mis we made fun of. And ALSO wishing I could read all of the WONDERFUL FUN TIMES you all have at Fiddler rehearsals! But I wouldn't know, would I? The blog is a sad, dead place.

I'm all ears!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

U said it!!!!!!!

Hey gang, yup, it's about time that we start this back up and try to get more of our cast and crew to at least visit the blog and read the updates.....but can we get a new picture instead of the BHB......please boss............LOL! Anywho, I am busy at York High building West Side Story, but am very excited to get things rolling in the next few weeks for fiddler....lots of cool ideas if the big man approves them!!! Just have to wait for a few auditorium functions then we can start!!! Crew is heading to State College this Friday for the USITT Conference.......all techies..........this aught to be a hoot :) Hope to see more blogs soon. LaHyam (as he says with a hhhhhhhh sound)!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

One Acts

I'm sitting in my living room right now. With Drew Slattery. A few minutes ago, we were discussing our one acts (or lack thereof) and we decided that, rather than create two one-act plays, we would write...



Monday, January 4, 2010

And so it begins...

I was pretty flattered when I woke up this morning. Not because of my mom throwing decongestant pills in my face, but because I received an email from Will asking Matt and I to write (professionally!) in the esteemed SHS Theatre blog.

I was ecstatic! It was the oppurtunity of a lifetime. Not just to keep a daily journal of my theatre-related adventures, but to keep a journal that every single soul in the SHS Theatre legacy would read and appreciate! And so, on this, the first day of Fiddler on the Roof rehearsals, Matt and I will embark on a challenge for this currently dead blog. A blog a day. All theatre related blogs, mind you.

Watching the Fiddler on the Roof movie tonight made me realize that we were once again embarking on the humongous undertaking of a school musical. For the next four months, the cast will bond, argue, bicker, and sing together. Most imporantly, we will grow together as a family (and as villagers of Anatevka!).

So I wrote about four paragraphs here, but I didn't really say anything...Oh well.

Here's to another great musical!

A new year, and a new start for the blog!

Wow. I can't believe we totally just let the blog sit and do nothing in the first half of this 09-10 theatre season. I'm ashamed, really. The Beverly Hillbillies was such a fun show, and now we've got nothing to show for it other than our own memories. Sigh. I think the fact that all of last year's bloggers had graduated may have something to do with it. I must find new bloggers. Maybe a certain production assistant would like to share his 2 cents.

More to come.