Saturday, October 16, 2010

Theatre Season!

Everything is awesome! There are so many shows playing everywhere. Having already decided that I'd like to major in acting, my mom and I (note: my mom is making all these decisions, naturally) have been basically traveling from theatre to theatre seeing all kinds of shows.

Last week, we saw Henry VIII at the Folger Shakespeare Library. SO GOOD. If I actually knew was the heck was going on half of the time, I'd love to do Shakespeare.

This weekend, we're seeing Beauty and the Beast (!!!) in Carlisle. With Logan. It's a community theatre production, but I've never actually seen the musical version of it. Only the movie. I'm excited to see all their dancing spoons.

And I was going to go see Oleanna at GW tonight but I was too tired. So we saw the Social Network instead. Speaking of acting...

ANDREW GARFIELD. So good. Jeeeebus. If there's anyone that gives me faith in going into acting, it's him. Between Boy A, Never Let Me Go, and TSN, he has given perfect performances in just about everything he's done.

Anyway, back to memorizing these monologues.

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matt said...

So what's ur thoughts on the b&b cast list?